Mitsubishi Chemical Hollow Fiber Membrane
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Mitsubishi Chemical Hollow Fiber Membrane

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Mitsubishi membrane advantage
1. Mitsubishi mbr membrane flux is high
The maximum average membrane flux in municipal wastewater treatment can reach 33L/m2·hr.
2, Mitsubishi mbr film tensile strength is large
The PVDF series membrane product structure is a composite membrane structure with a soft hollow support inside and a tightly bonded material filtration membrane layer on the outside. The tensile strength of Mitsubishi mbr film is up to 200N.
3, Mitsubishi mbr membrane film internal flow channel is large
The new generation of membrane products has an inner diameter of approximately 1.4 mm. The longitudinal hydrodynamic channel of the hollow fiber membrane becomes larger, and the flow path resistance is reduced, so that the various parts of the Mitsubishi mbr membrane filament can be more uniformly pumped.
4, Mitsubishi mbr film surface anti-pollution performance is high
The surface of the Mitsubishi mbr film is a composite structure with abrasion resistance. Even if the outer cortex is damaged after long-term use, the endothelial layer still has the effect of retaining pollutants and preventing the water quality from being affected.
5, Mitsubishi mbr film material resistance is high
Mitsubishi mbr film uses high-grade resin raw materials and has good resistance to chemicals such as oxidants.
Mitsubishi film model
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Mainly used in industrial pure water, power plant water, medical, household water purifiers, wastewater treatment (MBR) and other aspects.
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