Water reuse technology
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Water reuse technology

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Sewage resource utilization is an effective measure to solve the serious shortage of water resources in the region, especially the concentration of urban industry, providing sufficient water resources for the reuse of water. Reclaimed water as the second source of low-quality water for urban use will greatly alleviate the shortage of water resources and bring comprehensive benefits of open source, throttling and environmental protection.
■Chinese water use
■Application of membrane system in water treatment engineering
1 immersion ultrafiltration system
Process flow
Technical advantages
1 Immersion filter system does not require complicated take-over and control system, the device is simple in structure, compact in equipment and small in floor space.
2 The treated water does not contain SS, E. coli and other ingredients, and the effluent quality is high, which is suitable for reclaimed water and pre-RO treatment.
3 Reduce the cleaning and replacement costs of the filter material, and the operating cost is low.
4 It does not require the management of sedimentation tanks, and it is easy to realize automatic control and simple operation management.
2 immersion ultrafiltration system
Process flow
Technical advantages
The ultrafiltration column membrane has a smaller filtration pore size and greatly improves the filtration precision, and can effectively remove minute particles, bacteria, germs and colloids, and the water quality is better, and has higher safety in the reuse of water.
1 The treatment effect is good and the effluent quality is high.
The 2-column membrane workshop is cleaner and has no odor.
3 high degree of automation, system operation is more reliable.
4 The partial membrane module can be replaced without affecting the system water production, and maintenance and repair are more convenient.
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