Large platform

Adhering to the mission of "Fuwanjia for the Environment", we should build a leading service provider for comprehensive environmental renovation.

Career promotion

Platform Help: Standing in the environmental service industry that the state attaches great importance to, cooperating with government departments and major enterprises for a long time

Working atmosphere

Equal Communication Atmosphere: Zero Distance Contact with Company Executives

Office environment: Hui style building environment, open office area, tea break discussion area.


Salary and welfare

Compensation income: Competitive salary income, performance bonus and year-end bonus.

Social security: pay five insurance.

Subsidies: canteen, hot holidays.

Payrolled vacation: The system of single and double vacation, national statutory holidays, and paid annual vacation are implemented.

Health Services: Annual Staff Physical Examination

Festival Gifts: Prepare gifts for employees.

Recreational activities: The company organizes badminton, table tennis, regular travel, annual get-together and other cultural and sports activities.


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International trade department:0312-8913138
Address:2162-8 South Second Ring Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province


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